Toll tales: Motorway myths debunked by Thailand’s collectors

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Recent online discussions sparked curiosity about the daily lives of motorway toll collectors in Thailand, leading to a wave of speculation and myth-busting by the insiders themselves.

The question that set the digital sphere abuzz came from a TikTok user called ummie..28.

“Has anyone ever wondered how toll booth operators get to and from work?”

The query ignited a flurry of theories across social media about the behind-the-scenes existence of these workers. Some even whimsically questioned whether toll collectors parachute from helicopters to their booths and how they manage necessities like bathroom breaks during their shifts.

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Amidst the social media storm, a toll booth operator stepped forward to clarify the reality of their job. He explained that toll booth workers have access to pathways alongside the road for commuting. In case of bathroom needs, another person temporarily covers the booth while they walk to the nearby toll plaza, which houses all amenities, including restrooms and break areas.

“Toll booth operators convene at a designated meeting point and are then transported to various toll booth locations. Depending on the area, they can either catch a ride or drive themselves to work.

“For those who drive, there’s parking available at the plaza, complete with stairs leading to the booths. Additionally, there are set shifts for work, and notably, the annual bonus is quite substantial.”

The Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) also addressed the public’s curiosity via Facebook, confirming that toll booth operators commute just like everyone else, either by personal vehicle or public transport. Those driving themselves pay the usual toll fees.

EXAT highlighted that apart from the toll booths, there are designated buildings for operational duties and employee rest areas. Each toll plaza offers parking for staff, including both ground-level and elevated booths, with stair access for the latter.

Furthermore, in the event a reserve employee needs to fill in for an absent colleague, the collections department provides a shuttle service between plazas for convenient travel.

This revelation has not only provided an insightful look into the lives of toll booth operators but has also dispelled the fanciful myths circulating online. It’s a testament to how even the most seemingly mundane aspects of daily life can captivate the collective imagination and remind us of the human curiosity behind the screens.

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