Unusual banana tree stirs lottery frenzy in central Thailand

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An unusual banana tree in Prachin Buri province has become a source of fascination for locals and lottery enthusiasts. The tree’s peculiar flower, resembling a pointing skyward lotus, has led to a rush of locals seeking to tap into its assumed good fortune.

People flocked to the site, carrying five flowers, incense, and candles to pay homage and request good luck. The tree’s vicinity also hosts two termite mounds, further enhancing its mystical appeal.

The banana tree is located in Nong Kok village, Bo Thong sub-district, Kabin Buri district, Prachin Buri province. The villagers believe the tree to be extraordinary due to its unusual flower, which is compared to a lotus. The presence of two termite mounds near the tree adds to its mysterious aura. As a result, lottery enthusiasts are drawn to the site, hoping to obtain winning numbers for the upcoming draw, reported KhaoSod.

The lottery enthusiasts would arrive with five flowers, incense, and candles, performing a ritual to ask for good fortune. They would place the five flowers, light the incense and candles, and make a prayer to the spirits, asking for luck and prosperity.

The unusual banana tree, with its skyward-pointing lotus-like flower, and the two nearby termite mounds are the focus of these rituals. Participants would also apply flour to the banana tree and the termite mounds in an attempt to reveal hidden numbers.

A few days prior, a local noticed the unusual banana tree and decided to take a closer look. Upon taking a photograph of the tree, they were astounded to see an image resembling a long-haired woman within the tree and the numbers 6 and 3 appearing adjacent to it.

The photo was shared among friends, who unanimously agreed that it depicted a woman. The discovery led to an influx of villagers visiting the site, lighting incense, and making a gamble to ask for good luck. The numbers 0, 1, and 3 were also seen, which they plan to use as lottery numbers for the draw on November 16, in the hope of striking it lucky.

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