Legal eagle throws down gauntlet: Lawyer challenges health minister to probe effectiveness of psychic practitioner

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Renowned lawyer Ronnarong Kaewpaet challenged Public Health Minister Dr Chonlanan Srikaew to scrutinise the healing methods of a psychic practitioner.

This comes after the lawyer experienced no relief from his body aches following a session with the psychic practitioner, named Keerati Somkid, or Ajarn Aek. The incident took place yesterday at 5.30pm at Sasi Nonthaburi and Apartment, located on Kanchanapisek Road, in Nonthaburi’s Bang Bua Thong district, where 53 year old Aek provides treatments for various ailments.

Ronnarong, chairman of the Justice Advocacy Network in society, travelled to the psychic practitioner’s establishment to trial his treatment for body aches. However, a student of Ajarn Aek mentioned that an appointment was needed and that Ajarn Aek would not be available until December 3 and 4.

Unheeded, Ronnarong proceeded to the psychic practitioner’s room and found Ajarn Aek, who tried to heal him by touching his shoulder and making a certain sound. Yet, Ronnarong stated he felt no better, and asked Ajarn Aek to try again. Despite this, there was no improvement, leaving the psychic practitioner frustrated and questioning how immediate recovery could be expected.

Ajarn Aek explained that the cause of pain is likely stress and tension, which cannot be eliminated, but can be alleviated. He commented that Ronnarong seemed to be demanding immediate clarity and evidence of his healing powers, suggesting that Ronnarong was more interested in testing him.

Following the session, Ajarn Aek demonstrated the effectiveness of his methods on another patient, who was able to walk and speak after treatment, unlike before.

Ineffectiveness of treatment

Ronnarong, however, reported feeling body aches upon waking up today and decided to seek treatment at Aek’s establishment. He was aware that Ajarn Aek’s methods involved psychic energy, but after the session, he felt no different. He expressed that he felt no energy flowing through him and his pain remained.

“I should probably buy some medication.”

He emphasised that if there was any energy, he should have felt something, but he felt as if he was merely being touched. He added that he wasn’t there to prove Ajarn Aek wrong but if something was real, it should be felt or scientifically proven. He recommended that if anyone was suffering from body aches, they should consult a physiotherapist as it would likely be more effective.

Ronnarong stated that everyone should first seek treatment from modern medical practitioners, rather than rushing to psychic healers. He had back pains from sitting for long hours due to his work engagements, but he felt no change after his session with Ajarn Aek. He speculated that perhaps his mindset wasn’t right.

Meanwhile, one of Ajarn Aek’s students, who had been observing, claimed that Ronnarong was the only patient who had not felt any difference after the treatment. The student challenged Ronnarong, who retorted that he had felt nothing and asked how he could be forced to feel otherwise.

He felt as if he was being coerced into feeling something. He reiterated that he had felt nothing beyond ordinary touch and energy. He said that if he felt something, he would admit it, but if he didn’t, he wouldn’t pretend otherwise, reported KhaoSod.

Ronnarong urged Dr Chonlanan to investigate and clarify the situation. He feared that people might start avoiding modern medicine and turn to psychic healing instead, a trend he didn’t support.

“If there is a doctor who can confirm that this science can really cure, then I will listen. In science, how can it cure? Not having to force belief first and then cure. This is strange.”

Ronnarong invited Ajarn Aek to prove his healing methods to the Ministry of Public Health across the country and offered to let him treat an elderly blind woman again.

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