Unruly British man goes berserk on Bangkok-London flight (video)

An unruly British man was arrested after his flight from Bangkok to London Heathrow landed following a cowardly attack on a Thai Airways member of staff.

The 35 year old unnamed British man went berserk only minutes after the flight from the Thai capital took off on February 7 and proceeded to smash up the aircraft’s toilet.

A passenger managed to capture the disgraceful footage of the unhinged man assaulting a flight attendant who was trying to calm him down. The belligerent passenger was also seen attempting to exchange blows with other passengers and crew members who intervened. The motive behind his erratic behaviour remains unknown.

A female passenger, who opted to remain anonymous, recorded the unfolding chaos on her mobile phone from her seat. Her footage depicts the man striking a steward, causing him to collapse in the aisle.

“He was in the toilet and he started screaming and shouting. He started smashing the door and it came away from the hinges.

“An older guy, in the white t-shirt, tried to get him out. A fight broke out and he ended up smacking the flight attendant. I think he broke his nose.”

Unruly British man goes berserk on Bangkok-London flight (video) | News by Thaiger
Pictures courtesy of The Daily Mail

The 22 year old witness, who was returning from a months-long trip, captured additional footage showing the man yelling while being restrained in his seat. She noted that more passengers got involved after the initial altercation.

Travellers were informed that the flight might divert to Dubai if further incidents occurred, but they were able to proceed to London without interruption, albeit enduring the disruptive behaviour of the unruly passenger.

“Two passengers sat on either side of him and kept pulling him down. We had to put up with his shouting. He was being very verbally abusive.

“It was rough. People were swapping seats and moving kids to the back of the plane. [Upon landing] the police came on and got him off.’

Upon landing, police boarded the aircraft and removed the man from the scene. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed the incident.

‘We met the aircraft on arrival and a 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and endangering an aircraft.

“He remains in custody.

“Another man was taken to hospital. His condition was assessed as not life-threatening.”

Thai Airways was approached for comment but has yet to respond.

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