Unhinged cop shoots bar owner after being refused free food & drinks

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An unhinged cop allegedly killed the owner of a karaoke bar in the southern province of Songkhla last Sunday, November 13, because he refused to offer free food and drinks.

The senior sergeant major of police, Santiparp Rit-it-thiphat, was temporarily removed from his position after he shot dead the karaoke owner, 55 year old Pranate Chuea-la-ong.

The victim’s wife, 55 year old Jaruwan Chuea-la-ong, revealed that the unhinged cop shot her husband twice, once in the leg and once in the head, at the family’s karaoke bar called Lady House in the Sing Ha Nakhon district of Songkhla.

Jaruwan went on to say that one of the bar staff managed to wrestle the gun away from the crazed Santiparp’s hand. Jaruwan was convinced Santiparp was going to shoot the rest of the staff if he still had the gun in his hand.

The female member of staff who grabbed the gun from Santiparp said the cop visited the bar several times in the past and always refused to pay.

On the day of the shooting, Santiparp refused to pay his 800 baht bill. He boasted that he controlled every entertainment venue in the area and never pays a single baht for anything. Pranate begged him to pay and tried to negotiate a 50% discount with the cop, who got angry at the suggestion.

Santiparp then calmly withdrew his gun and shot the bar owner in front of everyone in the bar.

Jaruwan fears nothing will be done about the alleged murder of her husband.

“I went to the police station to file a complaint and no one processed it for me. An officer asked what complaint I wanted to make. They said they had already recorded every detail about the incident. I’m scared that the police will not bring justice to my husband and my family.”

The female member of staff who took the gun off the unhinged cop made it known that the cop was already on the street on bail.

“What about my security? He can come and shoot anyone at the bar when he likes. I want the police to take care of our security. People should not be able to get away with a crime like this regardless of how powerful your position is.”

Songkhla Provincial Police Commissioner Wara Vetchaphinan reported that the case is still under investigation. The charges against Santiparp have not been concluded and reported.

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