Truck driver thanks ‘good Samaritan’ for saving his life in central Thailand

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A truck driver wants to thank a selfless citizen for risking his life to drag him out of a fire this morning in Suphan Buri province in central Thailand.

Early this morning, 49 year old truck driver Thinakorn Chankhem left Pichit province, northern Thailand, carrying a truck full of rice. He headed toward Nakhon Pathom province in central Thailand.

When Thinakorn got to Mueang district in Suphan Buri province, he heard two or three loud thuds from the truck’s wheels. He said the steering wheel swung and he lost control of the vehicle, crashing into the road barrier. The truck overturned and instantly burst into flames.

Thinakorn was trapped in the overturned truck, seconds away from burning to death when a good citizen stopped their pickup truck and ran over to help. The man, whose identity is unknown, somehow managed to pull Thinakorn out of the vehicle in time, risking his own life in the process.

Thinakorn said he didn’t get a chance to thank the good Samaritan because when he came around, the man was no longer at the scene. Thinakorn said he wants to thank him through the media instead…

“I weigh 100 kilograms, and he still managed to drag me out. He didn’t leave me to die. I thought I was going to burn to death. When I came around, the good citizen who helped me was gone. I want to thank him through the media instead. If he didn’t come to help, I would be dead now. I want to thank him so much for saving my life. He is a good Samaritan, a very good-willed man.”

The driver would love to meet the good Samaritan and thank him face to face, he added.

Firefighters rushed to the scene on Route 340 and put out the huge fire, which had completely engulfed the truck causing plumes of billowing smoke. Tonnes of rice was left strewn across the road.

The police’s initial inspection suggests the truck’s tires burst, which started the fire.

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