Bangkok Government Complex provides free Covid testing, registering online first imperative

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For people who wish to get a free Covid test at the Government Complex, they must register online first, says the National Health Security Office, today. The test will be the rapid antigen test.

The testing location is on Chaeng Wattana Road and will be open until July 30. The hours are 8 am and 4 pm, but not on the weekend. Eager Thailand inhabitants are instructed to fully complete the online form first, though.

When prospective residents finish their registration, they will get a text message. In a day or 2. This will confirm the testing date. The process is structured as such to hopefully cut down on congestion at the testing site, notably in light of the long queues that have been documented at similar locations.

The registers are also urged to download the “NHSO-COVID Tests” LINE account. . . a precautionary measure in the event they can’t register or they need to request a postponement.

The facility plans to perform 500 tests a day, before ramping up to 3,000.

Yesterday, rapid antigen tests were provided at the Thai Air Force’s Thupatemi Stadium, in Pathum Thani, central Thailand. They also aim to test 3,000 people a day at the site. However, this morning a long queue indeed formed as people lined up get tested. The 1,500 available tests were soon all booked up.

Another testing facility, this one situated at the soccer field of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division Headquarters in Bangkok’s Dusit district, will also offer free testing services tomorrow. They also plan on administering 3,000 tests a day.

Today, the Department of Medical Services cautioned the public about fraudulent paid bookings for Covid vaccines at the Bang Sue Grand Station. The Departments says the bookings are for people at least 75 years old. Those under 75 can book their inoculation through mobile providers: AIS, True, DTAC, and National Telecom.

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