Thailand’s Islamic authority announces Ramadan start

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The Office of Chularajmontri, Thailand’s highest Islamic authority, has declared that the holy month of Ramadan will start on today, March 12. This is the time of the year when Muslims across the globe, including those in Thailand, participate in a month-long period of fasting, spiritual introspection, and charity.

Ramadan, known as the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is profoundly respected by Muslims everywhere. It’s a period devoted to spiritual consideration, self-discipline, and abstinence from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset. The holy month is seen as an opportunity to fortify one’s relationship with God through increased prayer, giving to those less fortunate, and refraining from indulging in worldly pleasures.

The Chularajmontri’s Office, which governs Islamic affairs in Thailand, has officially designated March 12, as the starting point of this year’s Ramadan observances. This announcement guides Thailand’s Muslim community and sets the course for religious activities during this significant period, reported The Pattaya News.

In related news, tragedy struck in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, just before the end of Ramadan as over 80 lives were tragically lost in a stampede at a charity event. Hundreds more were injured as impoverished citizens gathered at a local school, eagerly awaiting cash donations.

The chaotic crush ensued, exacerbated by overcrowding and possibly gunfire, resulting in a devastating loss of life, including women and children among the casualties. Shocking footage depicted the desperate attempts to rescue those trapped amidst the suffocating crush.

Outside hospitals, anguished family members clamoured for information about their loved ones, while security forces restricted access to the school’s premises. In response, the Huthi rebels formed an investigative committee and detained suspects in connection with the incident.

This heartbreaking event unfolded against the backdrop of Yemen’s ongoing civil war, amplifying the already dire humanitarian crisis affecting millions in need of aid. The tragedy occurred shortly after a significant prisoner exchange, highlighting the fragility of peace efforts during Ramadan.

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