Thailand’s agriculture ministry seeks triple budget increase to boost farmer income

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A request for a substantial budget increase to 411 billion baht for the upcoming fiscal year has been put forward by Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. The proposed budget, which is over three times larger than the previous year’s allocation, aims to triple the income of farmers within the next four years.

Chantanon Wannakejohn, serving as the Secretary-General to the Office of Agricultural Economics, outlined the ministry’s intentions behind seeking this significant budget increase. With farmers constituting the largest occupational group in Thailand, the ministry’s primary focus is to elevate their income levels.

“We anticipate that the 411 billion baht budget will triple our farmers’ earnings by 2028.”

The short-term plan of the ministry, estimated to cost 81.6 billion baht, includes promoting agro-tourism, finding new markets, addressing issues related to the fishing industry, resolving debt problems, and combating haze pollution. The ministry also plans to develop strategies to respond to environmental crises, encourage carbon neutrality, and curb meat smuggling, reported Bangkok Post.

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Chantanon further highlighted the necessity of an additional 1.4 billion baht for the implementation of their medium-term plan. The plan is designed to introduce advanced farming technologies, such as precision farming systems, to the Thai farming community.

For the management of free-trade agreement discussions with international partners, supporting new environmentally and economically suitable crop plantations, and aiding the processing of crops, an extra 26.5 billion baht will be required, added Chantanon.

The long-term plan of the ministry involves a significant 301.9 billion baht to enhance water management and crop production, as well as to improve land titles for farmers.

The fiscal budget for the current year, amounting to 120.6 billion baht, is expected to be officially announced in the Royal Gazette by April. The proposed budget for 2025 will be submitted to the Budget Bureau and Cabinet for review and approval.

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