Thailand sets target to recycle all plastic waste by 2027

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Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is optimistic about recycling all plastic waste by 2027, as part of an initiative to curb the use of plastic. This plan forms part of the ministry’s plastic waste management roadmap from 2018 to 2030.

The strategy was devised in response to concerns over the growing use of single-use plastics, according to Thalerngsak Phetsuwan, the ministry’s deputy permanent secretary, speaking at a conference commemorating the upcoming Earth Day on April 22.

To encourage plastic recycling, the ministry has engaged the private sector, requesting their collaboration in manufacturing recyclable plastic materials. This could lead to thin, single-use plastic bags being phased out due to recycling constraints.

The Department of Pollution Control is working on legislation to facilitate plastic recycling, in alignment with the government’s bio-circular green economy policy.

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“With an increasing volume of waste and limited landfill space, there is a pressing need to recycle all waste.”

Thalerngsak expressed confidence in the successful execution of the plan, attributing it to the country’s readiness for green recycling technology. He also noted that the country’s ban on importing plastic waste could contribute to a decline in plastic scraps nationally.

Pavich Kesavawong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Climate Change and Environment, expressed his department’s full support for the bio-circular green economy initiative which aims at reducing plastic waste. He revealed that they are working in partnership with 31 franchised coffee shops and restaurants, encompassing 9,530 outlets across the country, to eliminate the use of plastic items such as straws and cups.

“This collaboration will be officially announced on Earth Day, as we strive to create an environmentally-friendly consumption pattern, propelling us towards sustainable development.”

Earth Day, recognised by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to draw attention to environmental issues, carries the theme, Planet vs Plastics this year, reported Bangkok Post.

The theme aims to create global awareness about the plastic waste crisis. UNEP advocates for a 60% decrease in plastic production by 2040, envisioning a future devoid of plastic for the coming generations.

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