Thailand set to break records with 2 million bookings predicted, Klook reveals

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Thailand’s tourism industry is gearing up for a surge, with online travel platform Klook forecasting a staggering two million bookings for holiday packages in the Southeast Asian country this year.

Klook’s COO Eric Gnock Fah revealed that Thailand’s tourism sector is bouncing back ferociously, rivalling Japan’s impressive rebound on the platform, and outshining other Asian destinations.

“Last year’s record-breaking achievement saw Klook vend over a million packages in Thailand, a twofold leap from 2019 levels.

“The driving force behind this year’s surge will be our innovative tour packages, meticulously crafted to meet burgeoning demands.”

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Alongside perennial favourites like floating markets and the majestic Grand Palace, Klook is gearing up to unveil new enchanting locales upcountry, including the verdant landscapes of Khao Yai and the cultural richness of Chiang Mai.

“Chinese tourists remain a pivotal market, evident from the robust spike in numbers during the recent Chinese New Year festivities.

“Meanwhile, travellers from the US are primed to seize the spotlight, emerging as Klook’s top clientele, driven by a resurgent economy and a robust US dollar.”

With Americans embracing Thailand’s allure, gravitating towards iconic landmarks like the Grand Palace and immersive city tours, and Chinese visitors indulging in pampering sessions at spas and luxury experiences, Klook is poised to elevate the holiday experience further by forging collaborations with festival and concert organisers, aligning with Thailand’s soft power roadmap. An array of exhilarating water festival tour routes awaits eager travellers during the Songkran holiday week.

Gnock Fah cited Klook’s 2023 survey, which revealed that over 49% of tourists partook in such events during their travels.

“Post-pandemic, the thirst for bold experiences such as events, concerts, and festivals has intensified.”

Car rentals and stay

In a bid to enrich the holiday experience, Klook will bundle events and concerts with complementary services like accommodation and car rentals. The success story of promoting a Taylor Swift concert in Singapore last year, where Thai tourists splurged four to five times more than the ticket value on shopping, food, and accommodation, underscores the pivotal role of mega events in driving inbound tourism, reported Bangkok Post.

Moreover, Klook witnessed a remarkable 30% surge in the average booking value for Thailand products compared to 2019, fuelled by bundled attraction passes and car rentals, with high-end hotels reporting soaring occupancy rates, signalling tourists’ readiness to splurge.

While acknowledging the market’s reliance on Chinese tourists, Gnock Fah acknowledged that the mainland influx might not replicate pre-pandemic growth rates.

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