Thailand ranks 6th best for expats

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Thailand ranks 6th best country for expats, according to InterNations‘ annual report, maintaining its position from last year.

The survey, conducted in February, gathered responses from over 12,500 expats and evaluated 53 countries on various indices, including quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, personal finance, and essential services like housing, administration, language, and digital life.

Panama took the top spot, with 82% of respondents expressing high satisfaction, mainly due to financial perks, retirement opportunities, and a better quality of life. Mexico and Indonesia followed in second and third places, respectively. Indonesia, which jumped from the 13th position last year, was highly praised for its affordable living costs, friendly locals, and work-life balance.

Spain, Colombia, and Thailand completed the top six, underscoring their appeal to expatriates for various reasons, including lifestyle and financial advantages. Conversely, the bottom 10 countries in the ranking included Kuwait at the very end, followed by Turkey, Finland, Germany, Canada, Norway, Italy, Malta, Ireland, and the UK. Each of these countries faced specific challenges that negatively impacted the expat experience.

Responses highlighted significant satisfaction with Thailand’s quality of life, ease of settling in, and affordability. Many expatriates noted how the welcoming nature of the locals and the vibrant culture made it easier to adapt and thrive. Additionally, the availability of essential services further contributed to the positive expatriate experience in Thailand, the survey revealed.

“Thailand offers a unique blend of modern amenities and rich cultural heritage, making it an attractive destination for expats.”

In Panama, the survey results reflected a strong sense of contentment among expats, with many attributing their satisfaction to the country’s financial benefits and high quality of life. The ease of settling in and the country’s appealing retirement prospects were other significant factors.

“Panama’s financial advantages and the overall improvement in quality of life have made it the preferred destination for many expats.”

Unattractive spots

The lower-ranked countries, such as Kuwait and Turkey, faced criticism for various reasons, including bureaucratic hurdles and challenges in adjusting to the local culture. Finland and Germany, despite their high living standards, were noted for difficulties related to social integration and administrative complexities.

“Living in Finland can be quite challenging for expats due to the social integration barriers and the complex administrative processes.”

Similarly, expats in Germany pointed out issues related to language barriers and bureaucratic procedures, which made settling in more difficult.

Canada and Norway, while known for their high quality of life, were marked down due to the high cost of living and challenges in the housing market. Italy and Malta faced similar criticisms, with additional concerns about local bureaucracy and economic stability.

Ireland and the UK rounded out the bottom ten, with expats expressing dissatisfaction with the high cost of living and the complexities of the housing market. Additionally, the political climate and uncertainties related to administrative processes were highlighted as significant detractors, reported Pattaya News.

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