Thailand mulls tax-free local alcohol to boost economy and tourism

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A breaking development unfolded at 10.10am yesterday, January 2, with Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin making a significant announcement after a Cabinet meeting centred on boosting international tourism and the national economy.

The Thai government is contemplating overhauling the excise taxes and duties structures, with an eye on making Thai local alcoholic beverages tax-free and prompting a review of related laws by the Thai Excise Department. This move is seen as a bid to support the domestic production of alcoholic beverages.

In another encouraging development for international travellers, especially from China, the Thai government has decided to extend the visa exemption rule for Chinese tourists, slated to end on February 29. This decision comes with a reciprocal gesture from China, which is considering a permanent visa waiver from March 1, thus making travel between the two countries visa-free, reported The Pattaya News.

Previously, China had offered temporary visa exemptions to five other countries but Thailand was not included in this list. PM Srettha emphasised the significance of this development for tourists planning to travel between Thailand and China. He further stated that the Thai Department of Public Relations, along with other relevant agencies, has been tasked with preparing for the opening of the borders and ensuring the welfare of the tourists.

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The 61 year old prime minister’s announcement indicates an effort to kickstart the Thai economy post-pandemic and hints at a growing cooperation and mutual understanding between Thailand and China. The move is expected to provide a significant boost to the tourism industry, with potential benefits trickling down to other sectors of the economy as well.

The Bangkok-born PM said that the Thai Department of Public Relations and relevant agencies were issued an order to prepare for opening the border and ensure good care of tourists, indicating a well-planned strategy to manage the expected influx of tourists. As the world moves towards normalcy, such measures are crucial in reviving the economy and strengthening international relations.

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