Thailand aims to boost economy with health tourism campaign

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The Thai government has launched an ambitious campaign, “Discover the New You” to entice international visitors to spend upwards of 18 million baht (US$510,000) by September of this year. This initiative is a concerted effort by the government, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), and over 130 healthcare, wellness businesses and service providers including hotels, spas, health resorts, hospitals, and clinics.

Government spokesperson, Anucha Burapachaisri, expressed delight yesterday regarding the wide-ranging collaboration on this initiative designed to boost health tourism and sustainable tourism. Anucha said…

“The country’s Prime Minister [Prayut Chan-o-cha] is assured that this effort will grab tourist attention and yield a positive economic impact.”

The campaign aligns seamlessly with the pervading project known as the Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness New Chapters New Experience, which endorses products that would engage tourists under the theme of “meaningful wellness,” reported Bangkok Post.

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The TAT is also paving the way for the participation of businesses and social media influencers in this venture. While at present, media networks aligned with the campaign’s goals will be spotlighting 15 health tourism routes.

The goal behind this initiative is to leverage Thailand’s renowned reputation for health and wellness services and products. In doing so, the government aim to stimulate the state’s economy by enticing considerable tourist expenditure — an ambition that the government is confident could exceed 18 million baht by this September.

For those keen on knowing more about the campaign, further details can be accessed through the “” website and the “” official Line account.

Three weeks ago, The ‘Amazing Muay Thai Travel Experience’ campaign was launched in an attempt to expand Thailand’s tourism industry. This unique initiative aims to showcase the diverse ancient Thai martial arts across the four regions of the country. The TAT held an opening ceremony for the programme at Thanarat Hall in its Bangkok headquarters. To read more click HERE

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