Thai woman hires delivery driver to investigate her boyfriend’s alleged affair

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Yesterday, A LINE Man driver working in Nonthaburi province, central Thailand, revealed how he ended up working as a spy for a customer who thought her boyfriend was having an affair.

LINE Man provides food, grocery, parcel delivery, messenger and taxi services – and in this case, detective services.

Back in July, Mr A (pseudonym) was working a normal night shift for LINE Man. He accepted a food order and got sent the following message by a customer at 1.32am…

“Please eat the food yourself, driver. Can I just ask you to see if there is a car on the driveway?”

The woman wanted Mr A to lurk around the house and give her information. Mr A said the customer rang him and requested that if a specific car was on the driveway, could he please send her a picture? He said the car was there, so he took a picture from a distance and sent it to her. It was her boyfriend’s car.

Mr A told the media that he didn’t want to get involved, but if he didn’t do it, he couldn’t complete the order. He said the cancellation process is longwinded, and he had other customers waiting, so the fastest thing to do was just to do what the customer asked and get it over with.

The delivery posted a screenshot of his conversation with the customer and posted it into a Facebook group full of LINE Man drivers with the warning message…

“I’d like to send out a warning, anyone who is having an affair, you need to be careful, LINE Man has a new “Rider find the mistress’s house” service. We really do everything for customers – send parcels, people, food and spy on people.”

It is not unusual for delivery drivers in Thailand to get requests not outlined in their job description. In June, a LINE Man driver was asked to transport a rare albino raccoon worth 50,000 baht across Bangkok. The raccoon jumped out of his delivery box mid-journey and disappeared and the driver was accused of stealing the rare animal.

The racoon was later found roaming the streets of Bangkok and the LINE Man driver was let off the hook.

We have to give it to the Thai delivery drivers for going out of their to keep their customers happy. Hopefully, Mr A got a 5-star review for his detective work.


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