Thai woman hangs panties out in protest over luxury housing project

Photo via Facebook/ ฅนข่าว ต้นปราการ

A Thai woman got her knickers in a twist after builders flooded her land with toxic wastewater in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok. It made her so angry she hung her panties out in protest.

A video was posted on the Thai TikTok account, @songthaow, showing over 30 pairs of panties and shoes hung over electric cables. The caption said…

“Can anyone tell me what these panties are for? The panties are hung about four to five metres from the floor. Do any superstitions work?” Here, the woman is referencing how superstitious people hang things out to protect themselves against evil spirits

The footage shows a variety of panties and shoes, such as high heels, boots, and sandals, all hung on electric cables in the area. Watch her video HERE.

The footage immediately went viral and caught the attention of several Thai media agencies. The media later reported that the location was in front of a new luxury village housing scheme near Soi King Kaew 13 on King Kaew Road in the Bang Pli district of Samut Prakarn province.

Some netizens commented on the video saying that the hanging panties and shoes have been there for years. The owner of the land, identified as 63 year old Sompong, hung them out herself, but nobody knew of her intention.

Sompong gave an interview with Channel 7 yesterday. She explained that she hung the panties and shoes to protest against the luxury village that has caused her a lot of problems since construction began. Sompong said…

“I hang the panties and shoes like that because I really hate the nearby residential project. It gives me tonnes of problems since the construction started until now. The noise from the construction keeps me up at night. The village also released wastewater onto my land. I cannot grow any plants and my fish all died. I cannot make a living!”

Sompong added that the village sent several officers to negotiate with her. They listened to her problems but did not do anything. Sompong said she filed a complaint with a government department but heard no developments.

The leader of the community, Thanadon Kaewprasert, contacted the village construction foreman to get more information about the issue. However, the foreman refused to give any details, saying he had just been given the position and did not know about the problem.

Thanadon said the foreman would not guarantee he would contact the project operator about the issue and would not provide a solution to the media.

Thai woman hangs panties out in protest over luxury housing project | News by Thaiger

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