Thai Vietjet flight lands on wrong taxiway at Fukuoka International Airport

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Thai Vietjet Air‘s flight VZ810 from Bangkok‘s Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Fukuoka International Airport experienced a mishap when the pilot landed on the wrong taxiway.

The said flight landed at 8.38am local time with a total of 157 passengers.

Upon landing, the flight taxied to the assigned gate as instructed. However due to weather conditions and poor visibility, the aircraft entered the wrong taxiway. With the support from ATC and the airport, flight VZ810 was repositioned to the correct gate at 9.20am local time. The incident did not result in any injuries or damage to the airliner.

The Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) received source information from the Fukuoka Airport Office of the Osaka Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism that a passenger plane of Thai low-cost airline Thai VietJet Air landed at Fukuoka Airport at approximately 9.20am local time, and while navigating along the taxiway to the apron, the pilot accidentally entered a route different from that indicated by the tower.

The report pointed out that the passenger plane entered the engine test area where a huge X mark on the ground was visible. The captain was communicating with the airport controller at the time, so it is believed that he did not follow the controller’s instructions.

The incident caused the passenger plane to be temporarily stranded, and a tow truck was subsequently dispatched to the tarmac, reported 8World News.

The Fukuoka Airport Office revealed that no passengers or crew members were injured in the incident, and the operations of other aircraft were not affected.

“The airline apologises for the inconvenience caused and appreciates your kind understanding. The airline is committed to providing flight operations at the highest level of safety on every flight.”

In related news, approximately 130 flights were cancelled on January 4 by Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) as the fallout from the accident at Haneda Airport on January 2 affected operations. The cancellation was necessitated after a collision between a JAL passenger plane and a Japanese coast guard plane at the airport.

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