Thai university deputy dean found innocent in man’s death in Khon Kaen

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Police confirmed that Khon Kaen University’s deputy dean was not involved in the death of a Thai man at a hotel in the province. The deceased, named Fluke, reportedly died from an excessive overdose of crystal meth.

The Thai man’s death at a hotel in the Khon Kaen province became a topic of discussion on social media after the news Facebook page, MGR Online อีสานบ้านเฮา (meaning MGR Online Isaan), reported the arrest of the deputy dean on suspicion of the murder. The identity of the deputy dean and the name of the hotel were not revealed to the public.

According to the report on Facebook, a hotel guest staying in a room next to Fluke heard disturbing noises from his room, including broken glass and a scream. Concerned for Fluke’s safety, the guest knocked on his door but received no response. The matter was then reported to hotel staff.

The hotel employer entered Fluke’s room with a spare key and discovered his dead body on the bed. He had a deep cut wound on his neck, which caused him to lose a lot of blood and die.

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Two Thai men, including the deputy dean, were taken into custody for questioning, as they were the last people seen with Fluke before the discovery of his lifeless body.

The story caught the attention of netizens living in the province, as well as students at Khon Kaen University. Some speculated that the death was related to jealousy and murder, as there were no signs of theft.

Deputy dean innocent

Mueang Khong Kaen Police Station Superintendent Yotsawat Kaewsuebthanyanit told ThaiRath that the deputy dean of Khon Kaen University was not the killer and had nothing to do with Fluke’s death.

Yotsawat explained that police questioned both the deputy dean and another man. The questioning revealed that Fluke, the deputy dean, and another man had met through a dating app and decided to meet in person at the hotel.

During their encounter, the third man injected both the deputy dean and Fluke with crystal meth. After engaging in sexual activities, the deputy dean and the third man left the hotel at around 11pm, leaving Fluke alone in the room.

At around 8am on the following day, Fluke was seen on the security camera walking in and out of the room and making loud noises as reported by the hotel guest.

The man who provided the crystal meth injection reported to police that Fluke was using the drug for three days prior to his death. The overdose could have led to hallucinations and self-harm, which led to his death.

Yotsawat assured that an autopsy on Fluke’s body also proved the overdose and self-harm. He added that the police could not give much information to the media to protect the privacy of the people involved and also to preserve the image of the hotel.

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