Thai TV star reveals three sets of lucky numbers from lottery purchase on Instagram

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Lottery enthusiasts are urged to enhance good fortune for themselves and their families to welcome the new year by paying respect at the Bangkok City Pillar Shrine.

Good-humoured TV star Thongchai Thongkanthom, better known as Ping Pong, shared a photo of the three sets of lucky numbers that he got at the shrine with fans on his Instagram account @sindy_pwoong.

Amongst the numbers were 19 and 4, and Ping Pong also shared a video clip of him buying lottery tickets from a roadside stand. The 34 year old picked three sets of six tickets randomly, with the numbers stuck to his hand. The numbers are 016884, 554187 and 974394, reported Sanook.

The post garnered hundreds of likes from fans who spared no time to write down the lucky numbers in the hope of winning the big prize in the government lottery results on January 17. There has been quite a buzz about the lottery.

In related news, Thai lottery numbers for the draw on January 17 sparked excitement throughout Thailand, with various predictions being made. Several prominent figures, including Khun Phaen, Tuktaen Chonlada, and the prime minister, have been connected with these predictions. A set of potential winning numbers comes from a ceremony involving the sprinkling of sacred water. The numbers 7 and 4 have frequently been seen in the water, with the number 7 appearing once again in the latest ceremony.

In other news, in an unusual occurrence in Surin province, a steel tree branch pierced through the trunk of a peacock tree, sparking the interest of local lottery enthusiasts. The unique event, witnessed by 74 year old Sai Wansiri and other villagers, took place in the forest next to a paddy field in Nong Sai village.

The villagers, armed with flowers, incense sticks, green and red water, and fruits, conducted a ceremony to seek luck from the ten year old peacock tree.

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