Toddler’s twist: 2 year old boy unlocks car as rescue team reels in Udon Thani

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A dramatic rescue unfolded in Udon Thani province as a two year old boy, accidentally left locked inside a car by his father who went fishing, managed to unlock the vehicle just as rescue workers were about to pry the door open. The incident, which took place today, January 29, sparked a frantic response from emergency services and a heartfelt reminder about child safety from the boy’s father.

At the edge of a pond in Nong Na Lam village, a white Mitsubishi truck stood parked, with the distressed 40 year old Rerngrong (last name withheld) pacing nearby. His two year old son was trapped inside, and despite Rerngrong’s attempts to instruct the toddler to unlock the car, the boy seemingly could not hear his father’s desperate calls. For over an hour, the situation grew tense as the air supply in the car dwindled and Rerngrong’s anxiety mounted.

Just as the rescue team from Swang Methatham Rescue Centre was preparing to forcibly enter the vehicle, the boy miraculously unlocked the door, to the immense relief and joy of his father and the rescue workers. The boy appeared unfazed by the ordeal, greeting his rescuers with a smile.

Rerngrong recounted the day’s events, explaining that he had brought his son along while fishing at the pond. He left the child in the car with a fan running, thinking he would soon join him outside to fish. However, when the car doors automatically locked, he found himself in a race against time to free his son.

Despite previous occasions when the boy had managed to unlock the car, on this day, the child did not respond to his father’s instructions, prompting the call for help.

Following the rescue, a grateful Rerngrong thanked everyone involved and issued a stark warning to other parents: never forget your car keys, and more importantly, never leave your children unattended in a vehicle.

This incident serves as a critical reminder of the dangers children face when left in cars, particularly with the risk of oxygen deprivation in confined spaces. It also highlights the swift and compassionate response of emergency services, which, combined with a stroke of luck, prevented what could have been a tragic outcome.

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