Thai tourist struck on the head at Sattahip temple

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

A Thai tourist hailing from Chiang Mai was assaulted at the Nong Chap Tao Temple in Sattahip, Chon Buri. The incident, which occurred on Thursday night, saw the man being struck on the head with the handle of a pistol.

The victim, identified as Nakorn, was rushed to Wat Yan Hospital following the incident on April 18. He was reported to have sustained a head injury from the unexpected and unprovoked attack. Nakorn had travelled from Chiang Mai to join in the Songkran festival, a popular celebration at the Sattahip temple.

Nakorn was in the midst of dancing and enjoying the music on the temple’s main stage when the incident happened. As he moved towards the restroom, an unknown man approached him and, without warning, struck his head with the blunt end of a pistol.

Nakorn was unable to provide much information about the unidentified attacker, stating he had no prior interaction with him and was completely unaware of any potential motive for the assault, reported Pattaya News.

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Following the incident, he filed a report with the Sattahip police, who are currently investigating the matter.

“Just as I was walking towards the restroom, a man whom I did not know, approached me and hit me on the head with the blunt end of a pistol. I could not recognise him and I don’t know why he attacked me.”

In related news, chaos erupted during the Songkran festivities as a teenager brandishing airsoft guns incited fear and panic in Soi 7, Central Pattaya, sending shockwaves through the crowd of over a thousand tourists on April 15. Pattaya police swiftly apprehended the 17 year old juvenile responsible for the terrorising act, taking him to the police station for questioning.

In other news, a water splash dispute between a foreign man and a Thai man became more than a storm in a coffee cup at a petrol station in the eastern province of Rayong sparking controversy on Thai social media.

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