Thai toad breeder attributes lottery wins to extraordinary six and eight-legged amphibians

Photo: Sanook

A 33 year old man, Yuranan Krudkhonburi, a toad breeder from the Korat region of Thailand, has been raising two unusual amphibians for over a year. One has eight legs, two in the front and six at the back, while the other, a golden-yellow hue, has six legs, two in the front and four at the back.

Both toads are healthy despite their anomalies and have been kept separately for their well-being.

Yuranan, who lives at house number 139 in the village of Khorburi, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, has been breeding toads for meat for over six years.

Although occasional abnormalities are not uncommon, these two specimens with six and eight legs respectively are the most extraordinary he has encountered. Rather than viewing these anomalies as unfortunate, he sees them as interesting quirks of nature.

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He revealed that over the past year of caring for these two peculiar toads, he has been consistently lucky in winning the government lottery. Not only he, but several of his neighbours who have seen the toads have also experienced good fortune.

Thai toad breeder attributes lottery wins to extraordinary six and eight-legged amphibians | News by Thaiger
The unique amphibians of the toad breeder. Photo by Sanook.

Despite the toads’ odd appearances, Yuranan believes that they might be the result of genetic abnormalities or natural variations. The toad breeder is committed to caring for them until the end of their lives, as they do not pose any burden. In fact, with the consistent lottery winnings, he views them as symbols of good luck reported Sanook.

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Word of the uncommon discovery quickly circulated, prompting numerous neighbours to come and witness it firsthand while taking photographs and noting their house number. Read more HERE.

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