Thai thief’s muddy caper: Stolen food cupboard’s bizarre journey

Photo via Facebook/ Weerayut Ban Pho

In a truly ‘food for thought‘ incident in Surin’s Isaan province, a baffled Thai homeowner recounted an odd story involving a thief who swiped his food cupboard, only to ditch it nearby, all thanks to an unexpected ‘muddy munch’ venture.

The Thai man, Weerayut Choowa, reached out to the Daily News to share his unusual story. Weerayut stated that he’d witnessed a thief stealing sacks of rice and other agricultural products before but he’d never seen a thief steal a food cupboard.

The astonished Weerayut explained that he woke up to find his cupboard had disappeared from the kitchen. The theft was all the more puzzling because only leftover food, a rice cooker, and condiments remained inside the cupboard. Weerayut added that the cupboard also had a broken leg.

Weerayut revealed that the cupboard was about 1 metre in length and 1.5 metres in height. If the thief acted alone, it would have demanded a lot of effort to transport the item out of his home.

Weerayut said he was about the report the theft to the community leader and police when his neighbour stumbled upon the cupboard which was left near his house.

Nearby the cupboard was a platform trolley belonging to Weerayut’s neighbour, suggesting that the thief may have pilfered the trolley before entering Weerayut’s abode and making off with the almost empty cupboard.

Weerayut guessed that the thief gave up after hauling the cupboard through a few hundred metres of muddy road.

Police officers investigated the scene and collected the fingerprints left on the cupboard to conduct a further investigation to identify the thief and issue a charge according to the action.

This case shares common ground with another recent theft, also in Surin province. In this separate incident, a Thai man stole 120 packs of skin-whitening products from a local 7-Eleven store for his girlfriend.

The thief claimed that his motivation stemmed from a desire to keep his 35 year old girlfriend’s complexion perpetually radiant, despite the inevitable march of time.

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