Fallen mystery: Thai mother seeks answers in daughter’s Japan condo death

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A Thai woman demanded an investigation into the death of her 23 year old daughter who mysteriously fell to her death from the eighth floor of a condominium in Japan, just one day after her arrival.

The mother, 48 year old Somporn, reached out to the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women yesterday, September 10, seeking assistance to find the reason behind the death of her 23 year old daughter, Thanaporn. Somporn disclosed that she could not travel to Japan to uncover the truth because of her financial status.

Somporn strongly believes that her daughter did not commit suicide, as determined by the Japanese police. Somporn stated that Thanaporn went to Japan to work as a party entertainer to earn enough to support her mother in opening a beverage store and also to take care of her four year old son.

Somporn explained that Thanaporn left Thailand on July 21 and she was unable to reach her since then. Messages sent through the LINE application remained unread and phone calls went unanswered. On July 26, Somporn said she received a call from the Consular Affairs Department saying that her daughter had died.

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Authorities in Japan reported that Thanaporn had fallen from the eighth floor of a condominium located in Isesaki City, within the Kanagawa prefecture. No visible wounds of physical harm or struggle were apparent at the scene, so officers believed she had taken her own life.

From the security camera of the condo, Thanaporn was seen carrying her luggage into her room on July 23. However, a resident of the condo found her luggage outside of her room later on the same day.

The resident attempted to seek the owner of the luggage but could not find her. The resident then reached out to the police and handed the luggage over to the police.

The Japanese authorities tried to contact Thanaporn but she did not respond. The authorities then contacted the emergency name on the passport ID, her mother Somporn.

Somporn hesitated to answer the initial call from an unfamiliar number but later learned about the death of her child on July 26. The Japanese authorities cremated her daughter but Somporn could not afford the expenses associated with the transfer of her daughter’s ashes or a journey to Japan to uncover the truth.

The founder of the Paveena Foundation, Paveena Hongsakun, was able to gain access to the case documents from the Japanese police and discovered that Thanaporn had a phone conversation with someone shortly before her death. Paveena anticipated that the phone conversation must be related to Thanaporn’s death.

Paveena explained that her team would make efforts to contact the Japanese authorities in the hope of obtaining security camera footage from the scene. In addition to seeking answers about the cause of Thanaporn’s death, the foundation is committed to assisting Somporn in the delicate matter of transferring her daughter’s ashes.

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