Thai teacher allegedly demands 200 baht for grades: School investigates

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A shocking revelation has come to light ahead of Teachers’ Day as reports of a teacher allegedly accepting money from students in return for grades surfaced online. The teacher reportedly demanded 200 baht (US$6) from each student who wanted to pass without having to take the exam. The school’s director has since suspended the accused teacher and has set up a committee to investigate the matter.

The allegations were first made on Twitter by a user named Red Skull, who claimed that a student had posted evidence of a teacher collecting 200 baht from each student in exchange for grades. The teacher initially gave all the students a grade of zero before soliciting the payment and then abruptly reduced the amount from 400 baht (US$12) to 200 baht. The school’s director issued a warning previously but the teacher continued the practice.

Today, January 11, reporters visited a technical college in Roi Et Province where they met with the college director, Arkom. He told reporters that he was not sitting idle on the allegations of the teacher accepting money for grades and was working towards delivering justice for all parties involved.

An investigation committee has been set up to ascertain the facts and has been given seven days to report its findings to the Secretary of the Vocational Education Commission.

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Arkom also mentioned that the incident, which was reported on Facebook, had taken place in the previous semester, more than two months ago. He assured that he was taking the matter seriously and would do his best to resolve it. If found guilty, the teacher would face disciplinary action, which could range from a probationary period, salary deduction, demotion, dismissal, or expulsion.

Arkom further elaborated that he had called the accused teacher to provide information on the incident and had appointed the investigation committee to proceed with the case. He had spoken to the student complainant, who was currently in Bangkok for a professional training term.

The accused teacher was still teaching the subject to the student complainant but another teacher has since been assigned to take over, and the accused teacher has been suspended from teaching any subjects related to the complaining student, reported Khao Sod.

The student who posted the allegations on Facebook told reporters that the incident occurred around July last year when the teacher announced that no one had passed the midterm exam. The teacher then suggested students pay 200 baht each for adjusted scores without having to retake the exam. The head of the class relayed this information to the class group, and many students transferred the money, but the complainant did not.

“I tried to ask the teacher for the director’s Line ID to send the evidence for action against the teacher involved, but I did not get a response. Eventually, I contacted a teacher who knew the accused teacher and sent the evidence to report to the director about the incident.

“The director has acknowledged the matter and said a committee will be set up to investigate according to the process. But I also received a message asking me to delete the post and talk quietly, which I refused.”

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