Thai student’s unexplained dormitory death stirs parents’ suspicion

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A first-year nursing student from a renowned university tragically fell to her death from a university dormitory building, leaving her parents in a state of shock and suspicion. The parents, Petch, 70 years old, and Kiew, 48 years old, sought help from Aekaphop Luangprasert, an advisor to the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) and founder of the ‘Silk Must Survive’ campaign, to unravel the mystery surrounding their daughter’s death on July 28.

The parents recalled their daughter as a cheerful person. The day before the incident, they had dinner together, and on the day of the tragedy, Kiew had spoken to her at 9am. An hour later, the university called to inform them that their daughter had committed suicide by jumping from the dormitory building. The case has not progressed in five months, sparking concerns among the parents that it would end up like the case of a doctoral student from Kasetsart University who mysteriously fell from a mansion.

The university claimed that all CCTV cameras at dormitory 11, where the incident occurred, were not working. The bereaved parents also question the university’s conclusion that their daughter fell from either the 6th or 7th floor of the 20-storey building, while she was staying in a different building, reported Khao Sod. They also highlighted that the committee responsible for the dormitory consisted of only three people, and no witnesses were questioned.

The university’s records claimed that the student was suffering from depression and had committed suicide. However, there was no evidence of her receiving medical treatment for depression, and the autopsy did not find any medication for depression in her body. The parents are also suspicious about a possible altercation with someone, and they want the police to investigate this aspect. They are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward, as they are unaware of the details of the case.

Aekaphop will help them to approach the Ministry of Justice for assistance in proving the evidence. He believes that if a crime has been committed, legal action should be taken against the offender. The preliminary record indicating that the deceased was suffering from depression contrasts with the autopsy report, which found no antidepressants in her body. To bring clarity to the case, further investigation is needed.

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