Southern Thailand: Police warn of online refill machine scams in Thepha district

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Con artists are exploiting online refill machines to carry out fraud using money mule bank accounts, according to a warning issued by Thai police today.

The alert today, November 22, was initially raised by the Sai Mai Must Survive (Sai Mai Tong Rot) Facebook page, which posted a video warning of the deceitful practice primarily occurring in Thepha district, Songkhla province. The police urged individuals to report any suspicious behaviour to their local police station or call 191 available 24 hours.

The video revealed the fraudsters’ method, which involved using coin and banknote-based online refill machines and money mule bank accounts. The police have cautioned businesses and shops with money deposit machines to keep an eye out for unusual behaviour from customers. Any suspicious activity or wrongdoing should be reported to the nearest police station or to the emergency hotline, 191, which operates around the clock.

The police have reminded the public that when such incidents occur, damage and loss are likely to follow. The authorities are now relying heavily on public cooperation to help prevent these fraudulent activities from spreading further. The police have advised that everyone can play their part in this matter, whether they are a business owner, an operator of an online refill machine, or an ordinary citizen.

This case reveals an emerging pattern of criminal activity that exploits the trust and convenience provided by online refill machines. This scheme has now become widespread across the Thepha district in Songkhla province. The police, while continuing their investigation, have requested the public’s assistance in halting the spread of this fraudulent activity.

The video posted on the Facebook page provides a clear illustration of the fraudsters’ tactics, which involve using online refill machines and money mule bank accounts. The culprits are currently targeting the Thepha district in Songkhla province, according to the post.

Police warning

The police have emphasised the importance of public vigilance and cooperation to combat this new form of fraudulent activity. They recommend that individuals report any suspicious behaviour to their local police station or call the emergency hotline, 191, which is available 24 hours a day, reported KhaoSod.

The authorities have also called on businesses and shops with money deposit machines to monitor customers for unusual behaviour. They have stressed that everyone has a role to play in keeping the community safe, and the public’s help is crucial in preventing these frauds from causing more damage.

The police have reiterated their commitment to investigating these cases and bringing the culprits to justice. They have also expressed their gratitude for the public’s assistance in this matter. Therefore, they urge everyone to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

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