Thai police investigate human skeletons found in container from US

Photo via Facebook/ ข่าวศรีราชาท้องถิ่น

Thai police are investigating human skeletons found in the cubes of compressed recycling cardboard shipped in a container from the US to a company in Bang Phra district, Chon Buri province.

A logistics company reported the discovery of a human leg bone to Sriracha Police Station officers at about 1pm yesterday, December 19. The leg was compressed together in the recycling cardboard cubes which were delivered from the US.

Employees of the company told the officers that they had disassembled the compressed cardboard cube to remove other items from the cardboard and discovered the bone.

Officers visited the company to investigate the piece of skeleton. They reported that no fresh remained on the leg, but the leg was still in a black sneaker. On further investigation, the officers found another human skeleton, a pelvic bone, in another recycling cardboard cube.

The two pieces of skeleton are being examined by police and medical experts. Officers had not yet confirmed whether the two bones belonged to the same person or not, but they suspected that the skeletons belonged to foreigners.

Officers added that they would also inspect whether the person died in an accident or was murdered. Further details of the investigation will be released later.

In a similar report in October, the remains of a man and a woman were found in a container at the ICD warehouse in the Lat Krabang district of Bangkok. The container was shipped from the Philippines and stored at the Laem Chanbang seaport in September before being transferred to the ICD warehouse in Bangkok.

The deceased’s identities remained a mystery as there was no document or other trace to identify them. What officers found inside the container was only a newspaper from the Philippines and a T-shirt screened with a symbol of an international association and a foundation for women based in the Philippines.

Thai police admitted that the investigation into the case was difficult because the container was transported from overseas, and there were no personal documents to establish their identities.

human skeletons from US to Chon Buri
Photo via Facebook/ ข่าวศรีราชาท้องถิ่น

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