Thai police dismantle major drug syndicate seizing narcotics worth 300 million baht

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In a first major operation under new leadership, the Thai Police successfully dismantled a significant drug syndicate, seizing 15 million methamphetamine pills, 443 heroin bars, 420 kilogrammes of crystal meth, and a significant quantity of Happy Water and Five Five drugs. The raid took place yesterday, at 11.30pm in a house in Nakhon Pathom.

The operation, led by Deputy Commissioner, Tor Sak Sukvimol, and Assistant Commissioner, Samran Nuanma, resulted in the arrest of four suspects: 39 year old Chalit Kiewpray, 38 year old Apichat Ekajin, 38 year old Charan Kiewpray, and 36 year old Watchara Kiewpray. The confiscated drugs are estimated to be worth over 300 million baht, making it one of the largest seizures to date.

Tor Sak said that the operation is in line with government policy ordering the National Police Office to intensify the crackdown on drugs, a major problem with widespread impacts. He added that the operation was an expansion of an earlier case that led to the tracking of the current suspects over a period of more than two years.

Samran stated that the syndicate sourced the drugs from a neighbouring country and smuggled them into Thailand. Previously, the syndicate used a house in the neighbouring province as drug storage, but after the arrest of a 36 year old suspect named Warawut Inklai, in a money laundering case, the syndicate relocated the drugs to the current house for distribution to smaller agents.

Samran explained that the initial charges against the suspects included possession of category 1 and 2 narcotics for sale without permission and he added that the suspects would be transferred to the Anti-Money Laundering Office for further investigation, reported Khaosod Online.

In recent news about a drug trafficking bust, Bangkok Metropolitan Police apprehended a Nigerian man involved in the possession and sale of cocaine. Click the LINK to read more.

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