Thai police demand transparent probe into online gambling allegations

Picture courtesy of Bangkok Post.

A transparent investigation into the alleged involvement of Suchanun Sucharitchinsri, known as Minnie, in running online gambling websites has been demanded by Thai police. High-ranking officers, including a confidant of Deputy Police Chief Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, are said to be implicated in the case.

The call for an investigation was made at the headquarters of the Royal Thai Police (RTP) by Trairong Phewphan, commander of the Legal and Litigation Office of RTP and chief of the Police Cyber Taskforce Unit 4 (PCT4). In addition to setting the case’s procedural guidelines, Trairong assured the public that everything had been documented, maintaining that police officers consistently upheld the law.

Suchanun, a 25 year old single mother of a five year old, had spoken to reporters the previous day to refute the accusations against her. Arrested on July 30, she was later released on bail. She vehemently denied operating online gambling sites and claimed she was compelled by a PCT4 officer to confess to a crime she did not perpetrate.

She further alleged that she was coerced into implicating Phakphum Phitsamai, the deputy chief investigator of Provincial Police Region 4 and a close aide to Big Joke, in the case. Media outlets have circulated photos and a video of her singing karaoke with Big Joke, and posing with three others. Yet, Suchanun denies having any personal acquaintance with Big Joke.

According to Suchanun, she was invited by Phakphum to several parties, and photos of her seated on his lap or kissing his cheek have also surfaced online. She admitted to having been in a relationship with Phakphum in 2020, when he was stationed in Loei, despite being aware of his marital status.

She added that she sought advice on immigration labour from Khemarin, Phakphum’s younger brother. Both Phakphum and Khemarin are among the eight officers suspected of participating in the illicit online gambling ring, Bangkok Post reported.

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