Seacon Square’s solar roof project revolutionises Thailand’s green energy roadmap

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Bangkok’s Seacon Square Srinakarin shopping mall, an establishment overseen by Seacon Development Co., Ltd., has seen remarkable success in its solar roof model project.

This achievement is anticipated to influence Thailand‘s green society roadmap significantly, demonstrating the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and a strong commitment to environmental health and sustainability.

Electricity consumption is a substantial expense for department stores in Thailand, often costing hundreds of millions of baht annually. As one of the nation’s largest shopping centres, Seacon Square was facing inevitable increases in these costs.

In response, Seacon Development opted to invest in solar cell technology. The company transformed the rooftop of Seacon Square Srinakarin into a solar cell hub, installing 14,380 solar panels across 28,000 square metres.

By 2021, the project was complete, generating up to 24,000 kwh/day and reducing the property’s overall energy bill by 17%.

The Vice President, Operation Group of Seacon Development Co., Ltd., Prote Sosothikul, mentioned that the team conducted comprehensive research to identify solar cell technology solutions that would be compatible with Thailand’s climate.

Potential plants

They explored potential plants in countries like Malaysia, China, and South Korea. They discovered that N-Type double-glass solar panels were the most effective for energy production in Thailand, despite being 30% more expensive than the globally popular mono PERC glass panels.

However, high-quality solar panels alone are not sufficient. Effective utilisation of solar cell technology also necessitates top-tier solar inverters to convert the variable direct current output of a solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current.

It was here that the enclosed control solar inverter from Huawei was found to be an ideal solution, particularly considering Thailand’s humid climate and PM2.5 haze pollution.

Huawei’s products are renowned for their durability, longevity, low maintenance costs, and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, they can detect the performance of each solar cell panel, ensuring they are functioning optimally. Prote said…

“Thanks to these top-of-the-line technology solutions from Huawei, we can do more to achieve our green environment targets and reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Seacon Square Srinakarin’s solar roof project is currently the largest in ASEAN and could potentially decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 1,000 tonnes and carbon emissions by 15,000 tonnes annually.

The energy produced monthly is equivalent to the power usage of over 1,000 families. In 2022, the successful solar roof model was expanded to Seacon Bangkae, which now produces 14,000 kwh/day and aids in reducing 10,200 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

The company’s vision, as articulated by Sosothikul, is to lead by example in environmental sustainability and green initiatives.

In line with this commitment, Seacon Development has invested in smart technologies for energy saving and plans to expand the solar cell system to other areas of the company, such as construction and manufacturing.

The company is also exploring the prospect of creating biofuels from the waste generated by the 130,000 daily visitors to their malls, reports Bangkok Post.

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