Thai PM’s billion-baht lifestyle unveiled

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Thailand Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin opens up about his staggering wealth, leaving the public astonished at the opulence hidden behind the political curtain.

Once a high-flying business magnate, 61 year old Srettha acknowledged his affluence. The PM attributed his riches to years of relentless work and astute investments.

“I can’t deny that I am wealthy.”

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) disclosed the assets of Cabinet ministers, exposing Srettha’s eye-watering net worth of 1.02 billion baht. This includes a property stash valued at nearly 333 million baht, 131.05 million baht glittering in gems and jewellery, and a sleek 1963 DB5 Aston Martin, a cinematic masterpiece worth 50 million baht.

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Surprisingly, the Bangkok-born PM-cum-finance minister insists he’s not a car aficionado, owning just one – the elusive Aston Martin, reminiscent of James Bond’s latest ride.

“The Lexus I use belongs to my daughter.”

NACC mandates demanded transparency from Srettha upon assuming the roles of prime minister and finance minister on September 5. His declared worth was 659.39 million baht, while his wife, Dr Pakpilai, reported an additional 361.08 million baht, accompanied by 9.73 million baht in bank overdrafts.

Delving into specifics, the couple’s financial portfolio included 2.8 million baht in cash, 116.01 million baht spread across 85 deposit accounts, 53.65 million baht in investments, and land valued at 158.4 million baht in the Phra Khanong district.

String of assets

Not stopping there, the PM and his wife declared posh condos in Hua Hin worth 156.42 million baht and a lavish three-storey house in Khlong Toei district.

While Srettha’s car collection remained minimal, his wife boasted ownership of three vehicles, including a Toyota Alphard, Fiat, and a Tesla Model Y, collectively valued at a staggering 78 million baht, reported Bangkok Post.

The extravagant duo flaunted their penchant for luxury watches, with the prime minister presenting 38 timepieces worth 127.95 million baht, and Dr Pakpilai showcasing 31 watches, totalling 84.87 million baht. The collection of 48 bags of the prime minister’s wife added 37.01 million baht to their assets, while Srettha paraded a Louis Vuitton X trunk valued at 6 million baht. Their combined gems and jewellery collection glittered at an astonishing 131.05 million baht.

Srettha divulged an annual income of 253.64 million baht, primarily derived from salaries, with an estimated annual expenditure of 51.63 million baht on personal indulgences. Meanwhile, his spouse, Dr Pakpilai reported a yearly income of 3.21 million baht from her medical practice, allocating 20.67 million baht annually to her excursions.

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