Alternative heartache: Party spokesperson’s daughters report mother for years of abuse (video)

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The daughters of New Alternative Party Spokesperson Sarinthip Sripak yesterday reported their mother to the police after years of physical abuse.

Sarinthip, also known as Nikki, the owner of the Nikki Ka-yee Khao Facebook page was called to answer physical abuse charges.

Nikki’s daughter, A (nickname) claimed that her mother forced her to extort hundreds of thousands of baht from her father. Describing her relationship with her mother, A said that when they are on good terms the relationship can be quite smooth but by the same token, when things are bad, the relationship can turn quite sour.

Chalida Palamat, also known as Ton Or, Pen Nueng President, along with Pin Lelak, accompanied Nikki’s two daughters, aged 19 and 14 respectively to Prachachuen Police Station at 4.30pm yesterday, January 9, after they were physically abused by their mother multiple times.

Nikki used violence against the children to intimidate them into extorting a monthly maintenance fee of 100,000 baht from their father. The girls claimed that sometimes they were forced to video call him, reported KhaoSod.

Nikki’s 19 year old daughter, A, said that in the past she had often been physically abused by her mother, including being hit with sticks, hangers, as well as being punched. Nikki also destroyed A’s passport to frighten her father. All this was done as an attempt to extort money from him. Verbal abuse was also evident. The attacks started before Covid in 2020 with the most recent one being the end of last year.

“Most of the time when mum hits us, depending on her mood at that time, she would ask for a large amount of money. She claims that it’s for looking after us. Before, I had transferred the money from dad to my mother but now I transfer the money directly to myself because there was a problem with mum’s personal details.”

The girls were taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries from the physical abuse yesterday, January 9.

The girls’ father lives abroad so they had to rely on help from officials.

The police revealed they will call upon Nikki to answer the accusations.

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