Thai man’s 200,000 baht luxury watch gift for child’s teacher sparks online debate

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A woman’s post on Pantip, an online Thai community, ignited a fiery debate after she expressed concerns about her partner buying a luxury watch worth over 200,000 baht (US$5,633) for their child’s attractive teacher. However, the post was met with stark criticism as some netizens urged her to face the truth, hinting at a hidden reality.

The woman, in her post, stated that her partner, a 45 year old man with good looks and a stable financial background, had purchased a luxury watch for their child’s teacher, a 36 year old woman who also runs a language institute where their child is studying. The woman revealed that every time their child had classes, her partner would drop the child off and sometimes stay and play golf with his friends. Initially, she didn’t think much of the situation, assuming it was a chance for him to spend more time with their child.

However, she grew suspicious when she discovered the luxury watch gift for the teacher and the teacher’s mother, while she had received nothing from him apart from trips with their child. Upon checking social media, she found that her partner had been liking the teacher’s posts for several years, reported KhaoSod.

Social media users who read the post raised various questions, some suggesting legal action if they were legally married, while others advised her to confront her partner directly. Some netizens even delved into the analysis, stating that she should know her partner best.

One particular comment, however, stood out from the rest. The commenter pointed out that the woman has been changing her ID and posting similar stories two or three times a year, insisting that the man is her boyfriend. The commenter suggested that the man, a rich individual, was merely taking responsibility for the child they had together and was not in a marital relationship with her. The man was allegedly dating the teacher for at least two years, someone from his social class, and was never public about his relationship with the woman who made the post.

The commenter criticised the woman for fantasising that the man was her boyfriend and advised her to accept that she was merely the mother of his child. The commenter ended the post by stating that she was only deceiving herself and the Pantip community by claiming infidelity when there was no relationship to begin with.

The woman’s dream of snaring a rich man by getting pregnant ended up in this unfortunate situation, and the commenter felt that the man was already generous in providing for her and the child.

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