Discover the Feared Sai Thong Gang in Nonthaburi

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Ekapop Luengprasert, a political advisor and founder of the Survive Facebook page, visited the notorious Sai Thong Gang in Nonthaburi today, following reports of their persistent harassment of locals. Ekapop threatened that if the police fail to manage the situation, they should relocate to a crime-free area.

Ekapop, along with his team, visited the Sai Thong Village, known as the gang’s stronghold. They inspected the site where the gang leader, known as Tee Tha Sai, was reported to terrorise locals and children. Today, 18 year old Pornsak Chaisinsorn, a victim of the gang’s violence, joined Ekapop to bring light to the ongoing issue, as his complaint has seen no progress.

Pornsak revealed that he was formerly a member of the Sai Thong Gang, which has over 100 members, ranging from 13 to 21 years old. The gang is known for their violent attacks on individuals dressed similarly to the gang members. They are armed with homemade weapons, including knives and guns, the manufacturing of which they learned from YouTube, reported Sanook.

Pornsak further shared that two months ago during an attack, he was the only one to escape police capture because he was unarmed. His escape led the gang to believe he had incriminated them, and three gang members brutally attacked him on Soi Samakkhi 6.

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They beat him with a golf club and stabbed him in the back and head. After the attack, Ponsak sought refuge in a local convenience store. The attackers were identified as Tee and Bueang, though neither is the gang’s leader.

Pornsak stated that because of the persistent threats and violence, he decided to leave the gang. He has been threatened with death ever since. Pornsak says the gang, which has been active for one to two years, seeks notoriety and loyalty points from senior members.

Drug abuse

Most members do not attend school but deny any involvement in drug abuse, though some do smoke cigarettes and marijuana and drink Kratom juice. Pornsak is unsure whether the gang includes the children of politicians or police officers.

Ekapop argued that the gang’s behaviour is similar to the gang that killed 47 year old Buaphan Tansu in the Sa Kaeo province. He believes that if investigated thoroughly, influential individuals’ children may be found within the gang.

He has asked Rattanathibet Police Station to monitor and ensure the safety of locals, giving multiple reports to the police about the gang’s activities with no case progress. Ekapop suggested that if the police cannot guarantee the locals’ safety, they should relocate to a crime-free area and handle minor cases like dog biting or lost water pumps.

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