Thai man turns himself in after setting wife on fire after heated argument

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A Thai man surrendered to police on January 1 after he allegedly set his wife on fire leading to her death at their shared home in the So Phisai district in the Isaan province of Bueng Karn.

Officers from the So Phisai Police Station were alerted to a house fire on December 31 and rushed to the scene. The fire was already under control when the officers arrived, although it destroyed part of the roof and did not spread to nearby houses.

The lifeless body of a Thai woman, 47 year old Panawan Siyod, was found outside the damaged house. Witnesses reported that Panawan’s husband, 48 year old Boonrot Prajimnork, was the alleged murderer. He set her on fire after they argued.

Witnesses reported that the couple frequently engaged in intense arguments but this particular altercation proved to be the most severe. Observers witnessed Boonrot dousing Panawan with gasoline and struggling to procure a lighter. After a protracted struggle, Boonrot successfully obtained the lighter and set fire to his wife.

Concerned witnesses promptly sought medical assistance for Panawan but tragically, she succumbed to her injuries before the arrival of the medical team. Boonrot, leaving Panawan in the care of residents, fled the scene on his motorcycle.

ThaiRath reported that Boonrot later turned himself in at So Phisai Police Station on January 1. He admitted to the murder and faces an intentional murder charge. The charge carries a penalty of death, life imprisonment or imprisonment from 15 to 20 years.

A similar crime was reported in June last year when an alcoholic Thai man set fire to his bedridden wife in the Isaan province of Udon Thani. Neighbours tried to save the victim from the fire but were unsuccessful.

The husband reportedly regretted his abusive actions. He was seen hugging his wife’s body and crying. When questioned by police, the perpetrator claimed that he did not want to kill his wife and blamed his actions on being drunk.

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