Thai man suspected of abusing his girlfriend and burying her alive

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Police are searching for a Thai man suspected of physically assaulting his girlfriend and burying her alive in the Isaan province of Maha Sarakham.

The dead body of the girlfriend, a 30 year old Thai woman called Daraporn “Pare” Phonsri, was found buried in a forest near a residential area in the Mueang district of Maha Sarakham province. She was wearing a red T-shirt and shorts and had a head wound from being beaten. Her neck also showed signs of being strangled.

Mueang Maha Sarakham Police Station officers reported that they had not yet determined the cause of her death but believed she was buried alive and, as a consequence, died. Her body is undergoing an autopsy at Maha Markham Hospital.

Pare’s mother, Waewta Phonsri, reported to police that her daughter went missing at 6.30pm on January 7. Pare visited her two children at Waewta’s house at around 4.30pm and then returned home to meet her boyfriend, 32 year old Suwan “Bob” Leeyo, before losing contact with the family.

Waewta said she went to Pare’s house yesterday, January 8 but her daughter was not there. Her son, Pare’s older brother, returned home from the Isaan province of Roi Et and began searching for Pare. He later found his sister’s lifeless body buried in the forest.

Pare’s father, Charoen Phonsri, believes Pare’s boyfriend is the murderer. Charoen reported that Pare sent him a message at about 9pm to 10pm on January 7 that she was moving to another province to work and would send money to her parents and children every month.

Charoen went on to say that Pare sent him another message asking about her children’s breakfast. He did not believe the messages were from Pare. He thought it was Bob who was sending the messages.

Charoen disclosed that he spoke to Pare’s neighbours and found out that Pare and Bob had a heated argument on the evening of January 7. According to the neighbours, Bob was choking Pare, prompting them to intervene and request Bob to cease his actions.

The neighbours mentioned that Bob left the house, but they suspected he returned during the night to harm Pare. Charoen stated that Bob vanished after Pare went missing, heightening suspicions about him being the perpetrator.

The police are currently searching for Bob for a comprehensive interrogation.

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