Soldier dies in motorbike accident in Saraburi, another injured

A motorbike accident in Saraburi resulted in the death of a soldier and left another injured. The incident, which occurred at 2.18am today, was reported by the Saraburi Rattnatraysathansuan Rescue Foundation. The scene of the accident was on Phahonyothin Road, near the PTT petrol station in Pak Khao San Neua, Mueang district.

The black Honda motorcycle, registered in Bangkok with the registration number 7 Gor Tor 3515, was discovered approximately 10 metres away from the middle of the road. Also found at the scene was a sewer pipe, about one metre in length and 60cm in width, filled with water.

A helmet and an injured individual were discovered in the pipe. The injured party was promptly transported to Saraburi Hospital.

Police Major Jiradej Kantasar, the investigating officer from the Mueang Saraburi Police Station, along with a doctor from Saraburi Hospital, examined the scene. Evidence suggested that the motorcycle hit a road divider before the driver fell into the sewer pipe.

Rescue workers later retrieved the body of the drowned individual. The deceased, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, was identified as Sergeant Natthaphong Duangsi, 25 years old, from the 25 Infantry Regiment in Saraburi. Two mobile phones and an identity card were found in his pocket.

Later, an older soldier who came to the scene upon hearing the news confirmed that the deceased was a fellow soldier. He had learned about the accident through a phone call from the injured friend who was involved in the accident as well, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, another motorcycle accident occurred, resulting in a fatal collision with a pickup truck near the entrance to the Khuang Pao plantation. This event took place in Pong Saen Thong, Mueang district, Lampang on January 3.

Natthanant Kitpatamanont, the Deputy Investigation Officer of Khelang Nakhon Police Station in Lampang, was notified of the accident. To read more on the motorcycle accident near Khuan Pao plantation, click the link.

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