Thai man murdered and left on roadside in Isaan, suspect remains at large

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A local discovered a dead Thai man about 500 metres from a police station by the side of the Baan Lakchai Road in the Baan Kruat district of the Isaan province of Burriram.

Officers from Non Charoen Police Station and medical officers from the Baan Kruat Hospital were notified of the dead Thai man, later identified as 55 year old Team Mantalung. He was found lying face up, covered with leaves, and wearing a red shirt with long jeans.

Officers came across a wooden stick near the body, which was visibly stained with blood. The presence of the object, along with wounds found on Team’s body, led the police to suspect that he was murdered. Officers are now investigating fingerprints left on the wooden stick.

The deceased’s uncle, 62 year old Lue Mantalung, revealed that his nephew divorced his wife 20 years ago and had been living alone ever since. He was addicted to alcohol but never had problems with anyone in the community.

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The local man who found his body, 55 year old Young Puengsakun, was riding a bicycle to his rice field and noticed a pair of shoes on the road. Upon further inspection, he also observed a broken glass bottle and a mound of leaves nearby.

Young decided to investigate further and closely examined the pile of leaves, revealing the disturbing sight of two legs protruding from within.

Young added that he did not know the dead Thai man in person but often saw him drinking alcohol at a local grocery shop in the community. One day before the discovery of his death, Young stated that he saw Team at a funeral in the community.

The funeral host, 70 year old Kaen Gonesamran, confirmed that Team was at the funeral and that he also engaged in a gambling activity with others after the ceremony. Kaen said that he woke up at 3am to clean the house and noticed Team was sitting in front of the house and looked drunk.

According to Kaen, Team disappeared and returned to his house again at 4am accompanied by another man named Diao. Kaen overheard Diao reproaching Team saying…

“I bought you beer and liquor as you wanted. Why do you still bother me?”

Shortly thereafter, both individuals vanished from Kaen’s sight, with Diao later reappearing with a bloodstain on his leg. Kaen questioned Diao about the blood but received no response before Diao vanished once more.

Police officers are currently reviewing security camera footage from the areas and nearby to track down the murderer.

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