Thai entrepreneur hosts 10 million baht funeral spectacle in honour of parents

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In an extravagant affair, a local entrepreneur, known for his tent rental business, laid out an impressive funeral ceremony for his late parents in Thailand. The funeral, which cost over 10 million baht, featured a five-tiered, nine-peak funeral pyre, sparking intrigue and awe in all those who attended.

The event, hosted in Jula Manee Temple’s parking area yesterday, was unexpectedly luxurious considering it was for ordinary citizens.

The elaborate funeral ceremony at Amphawa in Samut Songkhram, southwest of Bangkok, was adorned with vibrant lights and boasted an entertainment line-up featuring artists from all over Thailand.

The merriment ensued for five consecutive nights from July 16 to July 20, across two concert stages, captivating villagers who had never witnessed such grandeur at an average citizen’s funeral. Spectacular festive lights were installed over an area greater than five acres, and brilliant bulbs were set up along the Samut Songkhram-Bang Pa-In route, spanning over 8 kilometres.

Looking back, the host of this extravagant yet humbling funeral event, known as “Pron Julha Duang Maeklong,” born Sanit Limjijong, reveals his modest beginnings. Born with a disability causing the loss of his left arm, he initially found employment in movie dubbing before venturing into the tent rental business. He expanded his services from stage and sound system rentals to hosting full-scale events, all while maintaining strong ties with artists across the country, reported KhaoSod.

Whilst acknowledging the grandeur of the funeral, Sanit explained he didn’t intend the event to be lavish, but rather fitting for his status. Help from friends and contacts amassed over the years turned the event into an extravaganza. He said…

“All of this, from the grandeur to the celebration, is the result of a humble desire to honour my parents to the best of my capabilities.”

Sanit said that his humble origins and current success, backed by the generosity of friends in various fields, make him proud. He added that the funeral was attended by many prominent individuals, including artists and stars across various spectrums, who offered their time and talent for free.

Sanit revealed that it took the blessing of the venerable monk, Luang Phor It, of Julha Manee Temple, and other officials to grant permission to set up the venue. He said they helped in orchestrating the magnificent event.

The ceremony, which saw attendance from a plethora of monks from numerous temples, mirrored the unity and support of local communities and religious bodies. The participation and contributions from all sectors consolidated the funeral’s success, honouring an ordinary man’s extraordinary tribute to his parents.

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