Thai man flees after assaulting girlfriend and killing her lover

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A Thai man remains at large after brutally assaulting his girlfriend and killing her lover outside a rented room in the Doi Saket district of the northern province of Chiang Mai.

Officers from the Doi Saket Police Station and rescuers from the Sawang Samret Chiang Mai Foundation investigated the physical assaults that took place around midnight on March 5. Officers found a Thai woman, 27 year old Chiwa, lying naked outside the rented room with a broken jaw. The woman was rushed to hospital.

Nearby, officers discovered the dead body of a Thai man, 45 year old Surachai, with multiple stab wounds to the back of his neck and body. His body was transferred to the Maharaj Nakhon Chiang Mai Hospital for an autopsy.

Further investigation by the police revealed that Chiwa lived in the rented room with her boyfriend, Sor. The deceased man was her lover who visited Chiwa on the day of the incident while Sor was away at work.

A witness, 47 year old Kanchana, revealed to the police that she was the couple’s neighbour and saw the deceased visit Chiwa several times when Sor was not at home. Kanchana said Chiwa and her boyfriend bought alcohol to drink in her room and fell asleep on her bed after getting drunk.

Chiwa’s boyfriend Sor returned home with his younger brother around midnight and could not find his girlfriend, so he went to Kanchana’s room to check on her and saw her with her lover. Kanchana said Sor dragged both Chiwa and Surachai out of her room and physically assaulted them.

According to Kanchana, Sor took off Chiwa’s clothes and underwear and hit her with a pestle. He then attacked Surachai by repeatedly stabbing him. Sor’s brother tried to stop him but to no avail. Sor was consumed by anger and jealousy.

Kanchana said she did not see the incident clearly because she was disabled and unable to walk to the scene. She heard Sor and his brother leave on a motorbike but did not know which direction they were going.

Police are now checking CCTV cameras near the rented room and along the road to track down and arrest Sor.

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