Thai man evades arrest after beating girlfriend to death

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The family of a Thai woman is seeking justice after her boyfriend beat her to death at their shared home in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok and evaded arrest.

The victim’s younger brother, 26 year old Phontakorn, urged non-profit organisation Saimai Survive to reveal his sister’s story to the public. Phontakorn said he and his mother hoped a miracle would happen this new year but it has already turned into a nightmare. The victim, 32 year old Phetcharat, allegedly lost her life to the actions of her abusive boyfriend on December 30.

Phontakorn recounted that on December 29 at approximately 6pm, Phetcharat’s boyfriend, 34 year old Thanawat, contacted him and inquired about any congenital conditions Phetcharat might have. Thanawat then disclosed that Phetcharat had experienced a seizure, leaving him unaware of the circumstances.

In response, Phontakorn promptly questioned why Thanawat had not promptly taken his sister to the hospital. Subsequently, Thanawat ended the call, only to contact Phontakorn later upon reaching the hospital. During this call, Phontakorn overheard from the nurse that his sister had already passed away.

Phontakorn revealed that although the doctor successfully revived Phetcharat initially, she later died. The doctor later informed Phontakorn and his mother that Phetcharat had been a victim of physical abuse.

Her body bore several wounds and bruises, her ribs were broken, and her brain was bleeding leading to her death.

Phontakorn directly questioned Thanawat about the abuse and he admitted to striking Phetcharat in the head twice. Thanawat explained that as a result, Phetcharat fell off the bed and subsequently experienced a seizure. Initially, Thanawat thought Phetcharat was feigning the seizure and disregarded it.

It was only later that he became convinced of its authenticity when he observed her face and body skin turning dark. However, Phontakorn did not believe that Thanawat only hit her sister twice as he said. Phontakorn suspected his sister had been suffering from Thanawat’s abusive behaviour for a long time.

Phontakorn said Thanawat disappeared after his sister’s death. He filed a complaint against him at Bang Sri Mueang Police Station but Thanawat remains at large. Phontakorn decided to share the story with Saimai Survive and the public because he feared that the case would be ignored by the authorities.

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