Thai man accused of covering up boyfriend’s murder in car accident

Photo via Facebook/ กู้ภัยสว่างคุณธรรม(Sawangkunnatum) and อีซ้อขยี้ข่าว3

A Thai man’s family and friends in the Isaan province of Chaiyaphum accused his boyfriend of killing him and staging a car accident to cover up the murder.

Local news Facebook page Esor News 3 reported yesterday that a 25 year old Thai man named Mark mysteriously died on Tuesday, May 14, while returning home from his birthday party at a nightclub in the Isaan province of Chaiyaphum.

According to Esor News 3, Mark’s boyfriend, who was with him at the time, claimed that Mark opened the car door and jumped out while they were playfully teasing each other. He said Mark rolled along the road for about 500 meters and lost consciousness.

Esor News 3 shared a voice recording of Mark’s boyfriend recounting the incident to one of Mark’s friends.

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“Mark opened the car door and jumped off when we were teasing each other. The car was still moving at that time. We did not argue or fight each other before that. It happened in Chaiyaphum.

“After falling out of the car, Mark rolled along the road for 500 metres. I parked the car and went to check why he decided to jump out. This is the true story but don’t share it with others, OK? There’s nothing. Don’t worry.”

Mark’s friends and family found it suspicious that the boyfriend did not want the story shared. They pointed out that the boyfriend did not seem to be sad about his loss. He did not even cry when recounting the story. Moreover, they questioned how someone could simply jump out of a moving car without a prior issue.

The rescue team also found the circumstances of Mark’s death suspicious, as he did not have any bruises, wounds, or scratches despite falling out of the car and rolling on the road. His clothes were also too clean for such an accident.

The autopsy revealed that Mark’s skull was fractured, his internal organs were bruised, and he suffered internal bleeding in his head.

The media reported that Mark’s boyfriend urged the family to cremate Mark’s body quickly and threatened to sue them for accusing him of murder.

Non-profit organization Saimai Survive and the police are now investigating the case.

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