Jealous man attacks woman over alleged affair with his boyfriend

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A jealous Thai man yesterday attacked a woman at a noodle shop in the northern province of Kampaeng Phet after she became embroiled in a bizarre love triangle with the man’s boyfriend. The jealous man accused the woman of having an affair with his boyfriend. The victim said the man was her boyfriend while the boyfriend claimed the gay man was only a customer of his.

The moment of the attack was captured in a video which quickly circulated on Thai social media. The footage depicted the man slapping and pulling the woman’s hair. Fortunately, nearby vendors and witnesses intervened, separating the two individuals.

The characters involved in this odd love triangle included 25 year old Nopparuj, also known as Game, 21 year old Janejira, also known as Fah, and another man identified as 22 year old Ittiphon, also known as Wave.

Game spoke to Matichon about the incident, claiming that Fah was Wave’s ex-girlfriend. On the day of the attack, Game saw Fah staring at him while at the noodle shop, and in a fit of anger, he rushed over and attacked her. Although he acknowledged the video depicted him assaulting Fah, he insisted that she had actually started the altercation.

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Later, Fah spoke to the media and gave her an account of the events, stating that she and Wave were in a relationship, and Wave had informed her that Game was just a friend. On the day of the attack, Game had approached her and accused her of staring at him, prompting her to request that he stop interfering with her relationship. This led to a physical altercation between her and Game.

Fah visited a hospital to obtain a medical certification of the assault and subsequently filed a complaint at Mueng Kampaeng Phet Police Station.

Wave also presented his side of the story to the media, maintaining that Game was merely his customer. He was employed as a party entertainer at a bar, and Game would often hire him to attend to his needs without any sexual involvement. Additionally, Game would pay him to accompany him to the beach. Wave stated that he had chatbox and money transfer slips as evidence to support his claim.

On the other hand, Game argued that he and Wave were involved in a romantic relationship. Wave visited his home multiple times, and his family and friends were aware of their relationship. Game shared a video of Wave kissing him and a screenshot of a conversation that indicated they had engaged in sexual intercourse.

While expressing remorse for harming Fah, Game stated that he would be willing to compensate her. He acknowledged that Wave knew more about the relationship and could not deceive himself. He also declared that he would not forgive Wave and would cease all contact with him moving forward.


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