Thai Internet idol Mintan speaks out on unending stalker harassment despite court order

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Internet idol Mintan, renowned for the page หนูมินตันทาสกระดาน continues to face relentless harassment from a persistent stalker. Mintan recently updated her followers that the same security guard who had previously been found guilty of harassing her is once again causing her distress.

Mintan exposed her ordeal in a post, revealing that she has been tormented for almost three years by the same individual suffering from a mental disorder. The court had ordered him to cease all forms of harassment, both offline and online. Despite this, he remains undeterred and shows no regard for the law.

She described the punishment given to the security guard as minimal, merely meeting with probation officers and paying a fine. The stalker continues to lurk, and Mintan has heightened her guard. She questioned the legal system’s efficiency, stating that it seems victims must wait until a stalker’s harassment escalates before the law intervenes seriously.

“I’ve tried to stay silent on this matter. I don’t like drama, really. I want to focus on my work. But, the quieter I become, the more he feels encouraged and the harassment intensifies.”

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In an additional comment, she addressed individuals blaming her choice of cosplay or her short skirts for the harassment.

“So, because I cosplay or wear short skirts for photos, I deserve this harassment? Do I have the right to dress as I wish or not?”

She mentioned her attempts to block him across all channels during the initial years of stalker harassment. However, this led to a wave of warnings from concerned individuals about his plans to stalk her at home. The blockage only increased her fear as she was left without any information regarding his whereabouts or plans, reported Sanook.

Mintan is not the only Internet celebrity to face harassment from a stalker. The escalating issue of harassment has posed significant challenges for many prominent individuals in the entertainment industry. A blogger named Framsook Lek Lek recently achieved a victory in an online harassment case, securing a 35,000 baht settlement and a public apology.

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