Thai influencer suffers 2 years abuse by sex pest security guard

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A Thai influencer hopes that two years of being sexually harassed by an obsessive stalker is now over after seeking help from a lawyer.

The female influencer, Mintra “Pare” Cheuwangkam, aka Mintan, met a Thai lawyer Ratchapon Sirisakhon, yesterday to discuss two years of hell after being hounded by a security guard with an alleged rape and drugs charge on his record.

Minton revealed at first she thought the security guard, named Nanthawat, was just a fan who liked her. But over time he became more obsessive and threatening.

The influencer made it known he not only threatened her but also her family. Nanthawat told her on July 15 that he would go to her sister’s school, which made her family worried.

The security guard also set up a series of fake social media accounts, after she blocked him on every platform, making fans confused and trying to ruin her good name and reputation.

He even created a fake Facebook account with her name and pictures and posted messages claiming he was her boyfriend. He also posted a nude picture of a woman who looked like Mintan claiming it was her.

The influencer said the guard knew her personal details, home addresses of her and her parents, her sister’s school, ID card numbers, bank account, and working schedule.

Nanthawat stalked her at a public event and tried to get close to her, but then disappeared, sending threatening messages saying he would reveal personal information if she refused to be his girlfriend.

In a Facebook post, Mintan reported the guard had been charged with drug and rape offences and was curious why his company didn’t check his background before employing him.

Nanthawat worked as a guard at a condominium in the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok. His security team leader admitted that the team hired him because they were desperate for staff. But he added that Nanthawant was fired on July 11 for his strange behaviour. The leader said Nanthawat was found dancing alone in the condo’s car park.

The lawyer informed the media that he and his client have gathered enough evidence and will file a complaint to the police.

Mintan has 1.6 million followers on her official Facebook page หนูมินตันทาสกระดาน and 1.87 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel. She launched lifestyle video content, song covers, and other things on a YouTube channel named Mintan Dingdong (มินตัน). She has been featured in various Thai music videos too.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Amarin TV

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