Thai govt urges electric incense use during Chinese New Year

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Deputy Government Spokesperson Karom Phonphonklang yesterday shared a statement concerning the upcoming Chinese New Year Celebration, which is to be held from February 8 to 10. The focus of his statement was on the need to monitor the lighting of incense, candles, firecrackers, and the burning of paper money.

Karom Phonphonklang expressed the Thai government’s concern over the potential health problems arising from PM 2.5 smoke, which has reached worrying levels. To decrease the concentration of these small dust particles in the atmosphere and safeguard the environment, the government is urging the public to curtail the use of traditional incense. Instead, they suggest the use of electric incense as a safer alternative, reported The Pattaya News.

The Deputy Government Spokesperson didn’t stop at environmental concerns, he also offered advice for maintaining personal health and wellbeing during the busy festive period. He recommended frequent hand washing as a basic hygiene measure. Moreover, in areas where PM 2.5 smoke concentrations are high, he suggested that individuals should increase their water intake.

For the duration of the long holiday period, he further stressed the importance of safety in the workplace. Companies are being urged to conduct regular checks and maintenance on their electrical devices. A round-the-clock inspection of their respective buildings is also suggested, as a preventive measure against potential fire incidents.

In related news, Chiang Mai enjoyed a surge in tourism, boasting a staggering 90% hotel booking rate, notably spiking to over 60% during Chinese New Year. Despite a tragic balcony collapse incident, the region witnessed an unprecedented 79% reduction in wildfires.

Its appeal, enhanced by pleasant weather, attracted a diverse array of international visitors, including those from Europe, Scandinavia, and South Korea. With ample accommodations and vibrant festivals like the Flower Festival, Chiang Mai continues to solidify its position as a premier destination for travellers seeking cultural richness and natural beauty.

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