Thai gold prices climb slightly to 41,500 baht per baht-weight

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Gold prices in Thailand saw an uptick today, as reported by the Gold Traders Association (GTA), marking a slight increase from yesterday’s stagnant figures. As of today, May 16, the price of gold ornament per baht-weight was listed at 41,500 baht, reflecting a 50 baht rise from the closing price on May 15.

The latest update from the GTA, published on their website at 9.03am, details the current market trends. Gold bars, which are 96.5% pure, are currently bought at 40,900 baht per baht-weight and sold at 41,000 baht. In contrast, the buying price for gold ornaments is set at 40,158.84 baht per baht-weight, while the selling price remains at 41,500 baht, mirroring the gold bar’s slight increase, reported KhaoSod.

The first announcement of the day from the association confirms these figures, with gold bars being purchased at 40,900 baht per baht weight and sold at 41,000 baht, and gold ornaments being bought at 40,158.84 baht per baht weight and sold at 41,500 baht.

The global gold market, or Gold Spot, is concurrently priced at 2,390.50 US dollars per ounce, indicating the international context in which Thai gold prices are situated.

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In related news, gold prices in Thailand saw a continuous rise, with the GTA marking the opening of the market with an uptick. Those interested in the precious metal would note the significant increase in the selling price of ornament gold, which reached 40,950 baht per baht-weight as of May 8, showing a 50 baht increase from the previous day’s closing price.

As of the morning update at 9.04am, the GTA website reported that the selling price for ornament gold stood at 40,950 baht per baht-weight, while the buying price for gold bars was at 40,350 baht and their selling price at 40,450 baht. For ornament gold, fashioned to a purity of 96.5%, the buying price was listed at 39,628.24 baht per baht-weight.

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