Thai-Ghanaian football player condemns racist Thai referee

Photo via Facebook/ Thanapas Pratab.

A half-Thai, half-Ghanaian Prachin Buri City football player condemned a racist Thai referee who allegedly called him a “ni**a!”

The drama erupted after the match between Prachin Buri City FC and Pluakdaeng United FC on October 29. Prachin Buri City FC player Abdulkordiri Hamit, also known as Abdul, posted on his Pog Dul Facebook account what happened.

“I can understand Thai. He scolded me so clearly: “Ni**a! Get up! You can continue, stop lying like that. Or do you want a doctor? You are a referee. You should not say that. I never got angry when people called me that, but not a referee. I am sure you have better words.”

Following his post, Prachin Buri City FC’s official Facebook page issued a statement in support of their player.

“We stand against racism. Insults about race, religion and ethnicity should not happen in Thai football. This is not the first time racism has been directed at Abdul, who is indeed a Thai national but this time it is worse because the person saying it is a referee. Every human being has emotions but they have to control them while doing their job.

“Whether racism is right or wrong and whether this incident is real or not. We, Prachin Buri City FC, are against it. We will protect the victims even if they are not our players.”

According to the Ball Thai Stand Facebook page, the Thai League Committee will question Abdul and other Prachin Buri City FC players. If the referee in question is found guilty, the committee will punish according to the rules.

Another Thai footballer to fall victim to racism is Sasalak Haiprakone, who was racially abused by his South Korean teammates at Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Two players, identified as Park Yong-woo and Lee Gue-sung, allegedly used racist language towards Sasalak, because of his dark skin.

Many fans demanded that the two players apologise to Sasalak, saying that what they had done was racist. The club responded by issuing an official apology to Sasalak.

Soccer Digest reported that the two players could face a heavy punishment, including a 10-match suspension and a fine of 10 million won, or about 270,000 baht.

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