Thai data privacy watchdog uncovers massive breach involving over 5,000 organisations

Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) recently uncovered a significant privacy breach involving 5,261 organisations. Among these, a majority of 4,886 were government agencies from both central and local sectors. The lapse in data protection was observed between November 9 of the previous year and January 12.

The violations were primarily due to excessively revealing personal data on various websites and a noticeable absence of necessary security measures to safeguard this private information. Once identified, the PDPC office promptly notified all the implicated organisations, instructing them to rectify the identified security gaps.

In the same period, the PDPC office also managed to shut down 23 Facebook accounts involved in the illicit trade of personal data. This action further led to the arrest of five individuals actively participating in this illegal activity.

The commission‘s extensive effort to protect personal data from misuse highlights the growing concern over data privacy and the urgent need for all organisations to reinforce their data protection measures. In today’s digital age, where personal data becomes an asset, organisations must ensure the privacy and security of their stakeholders’ data, thereby promoting trust and upholding their reputation.

The PDPC’s proactive approach to identifying and rectifying these breaches underscores its commitment to maintaining the privacy and security of personal data in Thailand. The clampdown on illegal activities related to personal data trading further illustrates its resolve to curb such practices and hold entities accountable for their actions.

It’s a collective responsibility of all organisations to ensure the privacy of personal data. Any lapse in this can lead to serious consequences, including legal repercussions and loss of trust among stakeholders, says a representative from the PDPC office. The data privacy watchdog continues to urge all organisations to comply with the regulations and enhance their data protection measures to prevent any future breaches, reported Bangkok Post.

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